Flagship Projects

SNRT – Saxon Network for Radionuclide Theranostics

The Saxon Network for Radionuclide Theranostics (SNRT) focuses on the development, production, and application of radiolabeled pharmaceuticals (radiopharmaceuticals) for the European market. Radiopharmaceuticals have been long-established in nuclear medicine for the diagnosis and therapy of a wide range of diseases, such as cancer, cardiovascular, and neurodegenerative disorders. SNRT brings together unique competencies from scientific, clinical, and entrepreneurial partners across the entire value chain to drive innovations in nuclear medicine, as well as in the physics of accelerators and the production of radionuclides. Nuclear medicine is currently experiencing rapid growth worldwide, and SNRT aims to seize this opportunity to position itself at the forefront of this development.

The SNRT aims to establish the Dresden region as a leading European innovation hub for radionuclide theranostics with a wide range of products and services. Radionuclide theranostics is a new research field that combines therapeutic and diagnostic radiopharmacy. By coupling different radionuclides to a substance (target molecule) such as iodine or fluorine, tumor cells can be visualized and selectively destroyed with the same radiopharmaceutical. The SNRT alliance seeks to develop radiopharmaceuticals for new diagnostic and therapeutic applications, and to improve production processes for radionuclides. Thus, the focus is also on the efficient production of radionuclides in medically relevant quantities and at economically attractive conditions.

The network’s website is currently under construction and will be available shortly.

Foundation of the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute in Vienna

The MDG companies, along with renowned partners, are among the founding members of the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for Applied Diagnostics (lbi) in Vienna. This establishment initiated a translational research institution with a team of transdisciplinary scientists and academic as well as industrial partners from several countries.

The primary goal is the identification and validation of novel “dual (modality) biomarkers” that combine molecular biology and imaging technologies allowing for minimal-invasive tumor diagnostics. We envision a novel concept of in vivo pathology, which enables a detailed and functional assessment of the tumor subtype on the basis of gene expression, mutation status, epigenetic characteristics, vascularisation, metabolomics, and expression of surface receptors and/or further molecular characteristics. These features will be assessed through a combined use of liquid biopsy biomarkers and multi-kit imaging tracers, which together will allow for a functional, real-time, sequential and minimal-invasive diagnostic approach.

To the Website of the Institute

Founding Members:

  • Ludwig Boltzmann Gesellschaft
  • Medizinische Universität Wien
  • IASON GmbH
  • ROTOP Pharmaka GmbH
  • BIOTYPE Diagnostic GmbH
  • qualitype GmbH
  • Zörgiebel Industriebeteiligungen GmbH
  • HERMES Medical Solutions AB
  • Oncotest GmbH
  • GE Healthcare Ltd


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