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Combating Complex Diseases and Easing the Healthcare System with Precision Medicine

Advancements in healthcare are progressing rapidly. Over the past few decades, the average life expectancy has increased by approximately 20 years. However, with aging comes a rise in complex diseases such as cancer, posing significant challenges to society. The Molecular Diagnostics Group aims to address these challenges with innovative developments in precision medicine.

The World Health Organization (WHO) predicts a 77 percent increase in diagnosed cancer cases by 2050. Therefore, early and precise diagnoses followed by effective and targeted therapies are crucial. Precision medicine, with its approach of personalized diagnostics and therapy for patients, offers great potential in this regard. However, making this widely available in routine practice is currently still very complex and expensive, significantly limiting access to precision medicine. The members of the Molecular Diagnostics Group — three high-tech companies, BIOTYPE, ROTOP Pharmaka, and qualitype — are dedicated to the shared goal of advancing precision medicine by developing customized, low-side-effect, and most importantly, cost-effective diagnostic and therapeutic solutions for broad application.

Maximum Efficiency in Molecular Diagnostics

One of the major challenges in healthcare is the often complex and costly process of molecular diagnostics. Traditionally, laboratories have had to perform their analyses using a variety of methods and devices, alongside labor-intensive evaluation and documentation processes. To address this, BIOTYPE has developed the MODAPLEX system, a laboratory device for the automated analysis of molecular biomarker signatures, significantly simplifying this process. Biomarker signatures describe specific molecular changes that, in combination, provide therapy-relevant insights into disease mechanisms.

The MODAPLEX system maximizes the use of available sample material and reduces critical turnaround times. In less than four hours, the automated analysis process delivers reliable laboratory results. During this time, both RNA and DNA biomarkers relevant for decision-making are simultaneously measured from a single sample. Based on this data, the most appropriate therapy can be initiated. These fast and cost-effective multi-gene analyses are crucial for the widespread adoption of precision medicine.

Targeted Theranostics with Radioisotopes

Theranostics is considered a groundbreaking concept for cancer treatment, combining imaging diagnostics at the molecular level of a tumor with targeted therapy for those specific tumor cells. The development of this theranostic approach, which has been clinically tested extensively over the past five years, is at the core of ROTOP Pharmaka’s business activities. As a pharmaceutical manufacturer, ROTOP produces nuclear medicine products for use in both diagnostics and therapy.

Theranostics takes advantage of the characteristic property of cancer cells, which possess specific surface structures. Biotechnologically targeted recognition molecules can be designed for these structures. These recognition molecules can then be coupled with radioactive substances, known as radioisotopes. After being introduced into a patient’s bloodstream, these complexes selectively bind to the corresponding cancer cells. This enables the localization of tumors within the body through imaging diagnostics using the radioisotopes. In therapy, the same cancer cells can be precisely targeted and treated. Unlike other treatment forms that may cause significant side effects, this approach minimally affects healthy tissue.

Consistent Digitalization and Data Integration

Consistent digitalization of processes is essential in precision medicine. Within the Molecular Diagnostics Group, this role is fulfilled by qualitype, a software system provider with a strong focus on the challenges of complex digitalization and data integration in healthcare. Central to qualitype’s vision is the concept of the Digital Patient, meaning that all patient information is digitally collected and processed by qualitype. This comprehensive digitalization helps to support doctors effectively in their decision-making processes.

With the combined expertise of BIOTYPE, ROTOP, and qualitype, the Molecular Diagnostics Group is advancing the development of precision medicine with cost-effective and highly effective solutions for both in vitro and in vivo diagnostics, as well as accompanying therapies.

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